“There is hardly anything in the world today that some man can’t make just a little worse and sell just a little cheaper; and the people who buy on price alone are that man’s lawful prey.”   

                                                John Ruskin

Acorn Developments


WARNING - Only try this with bins manufactured by ACORN DEVELOPMENTS

This action may cause many other manufacturers’ bins

to buckle and distort beyond further use!


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Here is an example of our quality products:

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Acorn Developments manufacture quality galvanised steel products from our factory in Hereford. We specialise in:


Feed Bins

Stable / Tack Room Equipment

Products for the Smallholder


Many products are delivered to you free of charge and we can custom manufacture to your exact requirements too.

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Delivery in days. Quality unsurpassed.

Compliment from a customer about our 504 Feed Bin:

“I received my feed bins (504) on Tuesday and I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you how delighted I am with them.

We put them in the feed room on Tuesday evening and they're an absolute delight to use - easy to open and close, the bottoms are easy to reach and, most importantly, they hold an entire bag of HiFi with room to spare! I emptied my old dustbins into the new compartments and was amazed at how much they held. One normal sized dustbin full of pony nuts barely took a third of a compartment. It's going to be lovely to stock up for winter and not worry about mice, rats or damp.

I'll certainly be ordering from you again and please feel free to share this e-mail wherever you'd like - I'd recommend you to anyone!

Many thanks indeed.”

Ms D, Shropshire 19/09/13


Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment have taken delivery of another Acorn Mobile Feed Bin



Hackney HorsesMade_in_Britain.jpg

Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club have recently taken delivery of an Acorn Feed Bin.

Royal_Berkshire_Polo_Club2_%28640x427%29.jpg504 Feed Bin